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What is Yoga?
By Aadil Palkhivala
(in minor ways edited by Ida Unger)

Yoga is a highly advanced science that aligns and strengthens the body, using postures in stillness and flow.

Yoga is not a religion. In fact, it is a way to gain body-mind awareness to enhance whatever spiritual/religious beliefs you have. Yoga teaches a philosophy of living compatible with sound judgment.

Yoga is a system of powerful stress management using, in addition to the postures, regulated breathing techniques to enhance oxygenation of the lungs and blood.


A stressed body does not know how to relax. Therefore, at the Yoga Garden Studios, teachers emphasize the "workout" aspect of yoga first, so that the body can relax once the muscles have been worked and the bones properly aligned. This is why we feel so good after a yoga practice compared to an aerobics class.

Stiff people need yoga as much as poor people need money! At the Yoga Garden Studios, we have
created a peaceful, noncompetitive environment so that students at any level of fitness can work at their own pace to progress and feel better.

Nothing of consequence can be attained without effort. However, in yoga, all effort is based on the principle of non-violence and opens the door to self-exploration.


What is yoga at the Yoga Garden Studios?

You weight train for gaining strength, jog or do aerobics for a cardiovascular workout, practice tai chi for developing a sense of balance and harmony, stretch for gaining flexibility, and meditate for developing peace of mind and relaxation. Perhaps you are wondering if a form of exercise exists which gives you everything: strength, endurance, balance, flexibility, and relaxation. There is! Iyengar yoga (as taught at the Yoga Garden Studios) is the only complete form of bodywork that does it all.

Indeed, Iyengar yoga is more than stretching and relaxation: it is the ultimate mind-body challenge. Yet those who have done no physical exercise at all, as well as Olympic athletes, find enormous benefits from the Iyengar Yoga System.



The foundation of the Iyengar system as taught at the Yoga Garden Studios is careful alignment of your body as you perform the postures. This precision, and the awareness that comes with it, leads to that which we all want over our bodies and minds - control! Yet, we are also interested in reducing stress so all classes at the Yoga Garden Studios are followed by a deep, guided relaxation. Remember that you cannot release or relax a muscle which you have not felt, or over which you have no control. Thus, after an intense class the heightened awareness leads you into a deeper relaxation. You leave refreshed rather than exhausted.

Iyengar yoga is not a fad. It originates in a tradition that is over 5,000 years old, and is becoming accepted by an ever-increasing number of health-oriented medical practitioners and therapists. Iyengar yoga will be practiced sincerely when aerobics and oat bran are only nostalgic memories!

As in all the great arts and sciences, to become proficient in yoga requires effort, determination and practice. But then, the fruit we reap is always in proportion to the seeds we sow and nurture. Thus, if you are looking for a quick fix, an instant cure, quelling of surface symptoms while the true ailment remains unhealed, you will not find satisfaction in Iyengar yoga.

On the other hand, if you want to keep or regain your health, vitality and vigor, if you want to feel younger and stronger, and if you are looking for a perfectly balanced and complete form of exercise that can be started by anyone over seven years of age, in any condition, and which becomes more challenging as you get more advanced, yoga at the Yoga Garden Studios is your best choice!



Benefits of Yoga

Anyone can benefit from studying yoga. Busy people use it to manage stress in their hectic lives. Pregnant women use it to prepare for the birth of their children. Elite athletes use it to recover from injuries. You can use it too.

When you study yoga, you will find that it works on several levels. As a beginner, you will experience the practice of yoga as a form of physical exercise that challenges and refines your flexibility, strength and balance. As you practice in class, you and your teacher will develop a personalized approach to each yoga posture.

As you progress with yoga, you will gain greater flexibility in your body and mind. Like any form of exercise, yoga helps develop physical strength. Yoga adds another dimension to this with a matching development in emotional strength that will help you handle the challenges of life with peace and balance.

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