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All Levels(
9 - 10:30
Level 1
9:30 - 11
Level 1 & 2
9:15 - 10:45
Level 1
9:30 - 11
Level 1& 2
  8:15 - 9:45
Level 2
4:30 - 6
Level 1 & 2
4 - 5:30
Level 2
Level 1
4 - 5:30
Level 2.
Open Studio
4:15 - 5:45
All Levels
10 - 11:30
Level 1
  6 - 7:30
6:30 - 8
Level 1 & 2
6 - 7:30
  7:30 - 9
Level 1
    8 - 9:30
Level 1

(310) 450-0133
Single Class $15 • Series of 10 Classes (Good for 3 mos.) $120 • Unlimited Monthly $150
Students/Seniors Single Class $12 • Series of 10 $100 • Unlimited Monthly $130
Private Session/Hr. $75 - $125 • Scholarships & Work/Study Available

Courses & Events

Beginner's Course - $75 for 6 Classes
Not currently scheduled.
Start right! Learn the basic beginning yoga poses in a safe environment with an outstanding knowledgeable teacher. For students with 0-6 months experience with yoga. Call to register and to verify start date. Classes will begin when they are full.

Restorative Classes
Monday and/or Wednesday 6-7:30pm
Learn to slow down and give your nervous system a rest in this supportive, slow-paced yoga practice. Treat yourself to a class that restores and renews body, mind and spirit. *Pre and Post-natal women welcome. Drop-in to this class anytime.

Iyengar Yoga Workshop Classes
Taught by Ida Unger
Sundays, 9:00 am - 12 Noon
Upcoming dates for 2006: Oct. 1st, Nov. 5th, Nov. 26th, Dec. 31st
Cost: $30 or 2 classes from your series
($15 for monthly unlimited students)
Register by calling: (310) 450-0133
or send an email to:

October 1, 2006
"Standing On Your Own Two Feet"
In this workshop, we will work the standing poses with alignment and depth and look at various ways to harmonize this hard work with relief and deep relaxation.

November 5, 2006
"Hips Like Never Before"
Why open the hips? The hips are a power zone in the body, enabling the ability to manifest the dreams of our hearts and minds. When hip energy is blocked, we can feel powerless in our lives. Foot, knee and ankle pain can be symptoms of constriction in the hips. By opening our hips, we reclaim the life force we need to live well.

November 26, 2006
"Make Space for the Upper Body"
The upper body, the heart zone, represents how we feel and present ourselves in the world. Is there trust and openness, or fear and regret? In this workshop, we will work the wrists, arms, shoulders and neck for a feeling of heart opening and ease.

December 31, 2006
"Pranayama - Yogic Breathing"
Ring in the New Year with a breath of fresh air! Learn the basics of breath observation and control in this sequential introduction to pranayama, the art of yogic breathing. (Requirement for class: Minimum of six months of Iyengar yoga )

Yoga and Jewish Mysticism
Upcoming workshop dates for 2006:
September 27th, October 25th, November 15th and December 20th
Wednesday evenings, 7:30 - 9:00 pm
Cost: $20 per class or $75 for the 4-part series
Register by calling: (310) 450-0133
or send an email to:

Join Ida Unger once a month on Wednesday evening for Yoga and Jewish Mysticism.
The series will cover the following:

September 27, 2006
"High Holy Days - a Journey of T'suvah"
Come embody the spirit of the journey of T'suvah, the path and process of returning
to one's essential self, seasonally this time every yer. We prepare with self reflection,
invite newness, express remorse for where we missed, beckon for life and are blessed
with another year.

October 25, 2006
"As We Begin Reading the Torah"
Come learn about several Torah and Yoga connections, and how we may embody
some of these essential messages.

November 15, 2006
"Getting into Holy Shape"
Learn about the relationship between the holy letters of the Hebrew Alef Bet and
the shapes of the yoga poses.

December 20, 2006
"Kindling the Inner Light"
At the seasonal time of darkness, all peoples of the earth find ways to light up
our lives. Come light the Chanukah candles, awaken your body and kindle your
soul with inner light.

Warner Retreat
December 1-3, 2006 - $340

We will resume having twice yearly yoga retreats at Warner. The next retreat is scheduled for June 2-4, 2006 . It's a historic time for the Native Americans who come from that land. Ida looks forward to giving people who love Warner an update. If you or someone you know is interested in attending the retreat, please contact Ida via email at or call (310) 450-0133. Space is limited
and filling up fast. We're now taking a deposit of $100 to reserve a spot.

Register for classes by calling Yoga Garden Studios at (310) 450-0133

Class Descriptions

Basic's Course
Start right! If you're a new yoga student, this is a great class to learn the basic beginning poses in a safe environment; if you haven't done yoga for awhile or just want a refresher to refine your asanas, this class will
help get you back on track!

Level 1
For students who have completed the Beginner Course, or for people with some yoga experience up until 2 years of study.

Level 1,2
Most of our classes are mixed level 1 & 2, and are appropriate for students with experience in the standing poses. Students gain exposure to inverted poses, twists, and back bends.

Level 2
Students should be able to do a headstand and a shoulder stand. The basic poses will be refined, along with introductions to more challenging poses.

Restorative Yoga
This is a sequencing of passive and inverted poses for various conditions, including stress and fatigue. All levels of student may benefit from this unique class.

Private Instruction
Private Instruction is offered by many of the teachers here to students, teachers are also available to come to your place of business or home to offer private instruction or a small group class. Rates for privates vary by instructor and range from $75-$125 per hour. Call to inquire about private instruction.

Directions & Info

Yoga Garden Studios, 2236 26th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405. Located just south of the Santa Monica freeway (10) and west of the San Diego freeway (405), 26 blocks east of the beach and less than a mile west of Bundy Drive. From Pico Blvd., drive south on 26th Street. The studios are behind a private home just three houses from Pico Blvd. Two hour parking is allowed on the streets; however, note the restricted parking on Thursday and Friday mornings. Enter through the gate at the far left of the house. The dogs are friendly.

Before You Come

  • Wear comfortable exercise clothing and bare feet.
  • Please do not wear perfume, oils, or heavy jewelry.
  • It's best not to eat a meal for 4 hours before class. A light snack an hour ot two before class is ok.
  • Plan to tell the teacher before class of any and all medical conditions you have, so that poses can safely be tailored to meet your needs.

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